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Shrewsbury Exchange

About our exchange 2023


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The editor ( Raica Helena Cuta) wants to inform you via this website about our exchange to Shrewsbury. My priorities here are mainly our trip to Ironbridge and the experiences we collected on the trip, as well as some important information I think you could need.  

Where was it?

The student exchange we took part in was to England. More precisely Shrewsbury, England. There we were partnered with other girls from the Shrewsbury High School, which is an only girls, private school. 


When was it?

We started our journey to England on Sunday, the 17th of September and stayed there in England for about a week, until it was again time to leave and head back to Germany on Saturday, the 23rd of September.

H ow was it?

Even though it was a quite short time we spent there, us 9 girls from year 10 and 11 and our two teachers, all from the Goethegymnasium Weimar enjoyed the precious time very much and will still remember it for quite some time. 

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